Svensk Presshärdning AB ranks as the leading manufacturer of hardened wear parts for agricultural machinery and equipment in its field. The whole production process is automated with high-tech and highly advanced robotics. Our specialized personnel are at the forefront of cutting edge technical expertise and we are continuously evolving and advancing development within our sector. Welcome to SPH!


Products are customized exactly to your specific needs and requirements in terms of design and hardness to attain the best performance and durability.

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High-Tech production

Our robotic systems and machine park are continuously being updated and renewed to ensure there are no weak links in our production line.

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High in-house competence

SPH recruits highly qualified personnel specially trained to work with the latest in machine and robotic technology.

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Exceptional security of supply

A vast stock and smart solutions to avoid downtime mean that reliability is one of our foremost competitive advantages.

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Press hardening

Press hardening of steel is a question of timing in terms of pressure and temperature. Needless to say, hardening technology is SPH’s favoured speciality.

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Jobba hos oss

Work with us

As a growing company, we often seek new employees who are willing and able to contribute with additional skills and competence. Check out who we are looking to recruit.

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